So, this advert uses Overture from Symphony Impossible To Play in it.

Permission to be very unhappy about this?

Clark’s not online right now or I’d ask him if they got permission to use the music. (it’s HIS permission they’d need, not Hussies, to be clear, so nobody yell at What Pumpkin about this)

I just told him about it, we’re looking into it.

Edit:  Also, no, they didn’t get permission, and no, I don’t think Clark would support a Libertarian/Conservative business without at least a good amount of royalties being paid up.

Ladies and gentlemen and others, I do believe that constitutes permission to flip shit, albeit in a constructive way that doesn’t open Clark or Homestuck up to counter-attack.


(and by “kraken” I mean “downvoting, reporting, complaining through official channels, critical (but coherent and non-inflammatory) comments, and signal boosting”.)

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